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Heirloom/Heritage Zucchini

All of our seed is open pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated, natural heirloom seed.

green zucchini shaped heirloom squash

Costata Romanesco

An heirloom zucchini from Italy. The most flavorful zucchini type squash there is. The green fruit have prominent ridges and when mature and when past the eating stage have long yellowish orange stripes. Excellent raw or cooked.

  • Package Qty: 20 seeds
  • Price: $3.00
green heirloom squash

Ronde de Nice

An Italian heirloom that is one of the tastiest zucchinis available. The round green slightly striped fruit are ideal for stuffing but can be used for any recipe requiring zucchini. Best picked from 14" for stuffing. Can be left on the vine to produce small "pumpkins" for fall decorations. Ideal for small gardens because the round fruit are produced on bush plants. Excellent variety. (50 days)

  • Package Qty: 20 seeds
  • Price: $3.00
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