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Specializing in rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower and herb seed.

Lima Bean Seed

(Phaseolus lunatus)

All of our seed is open pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated, natural heirloom seed.

Early Thorogreen

The earliest heirloom Lima Bean there is! The productive bush plants produce loads of pods containing plump, sweet, buttery baby Lima beans. They are truly delicious and very nutritious. Can be eaten in their green shell state or dried for winter use. (67 days to maturity)

  • Package Qty: 50 seeds
  • Price: $3.95

Henderson's Bush (1883)

(aka Henderson’s dwarf, Henderson’s Baby Lima, Earliest Bush Lima) In 1883 this heirloom Lima was found along a roadside in Lynchburg, Virginia. A local market gardener gave it to T. W. Woods & Sons and they then sold the entire stock to Peter Henderson & Company in 1887. Henderson then introduced it to the public in 1889. These very tasty baby Limas can be used for canning, freezing or dry. It is one of the earliest Lima beans available. (75 days to maturity)

  • Package Qty: 50 seeds
  • Price: $3.00
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