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Specializing in rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower and herb seed.

Runner Bean Seed

(Phaseolus coccineus)

All of our seed is open pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated, natural heirloom seed.

Black Coat (pre 1654)

Mentioned as early as 1654 by German botanist Michael Titus in catalogues Plantarum. A rare runner bean with scarlet orange flowers and large black seed. A very ornamental variety that is attractive to hummingbirds. (110 days for dry beans) Pole.

  • Package Qty: 15-20 seeds
  • Price: $3.95
brown and tan colored heirloom runner bean

Painted Lady

Runner beans were introduced into England in 1633. A bicolor sort was one of the varieties known at the time. The Painted Lady Runner Bean has red and white bicolor flowers that are very ornamental. As with the other Runner Bean varieties, hummingbirds also are attracted to these flowers. (115 days for dry beans) Pole.

  • Package Qty: 15-20 seeds
  • Price: $3.95
pink, black, lavender and white colored heirloom runner bean

Sadie's Horse Bean

A beautiful heirloom runner bean that was grown in the same family for over one hundred years! Huge beans have to be seen to be believed and come in a gorgeous mix of colors including pink mottled black, lavender mottled brown and pure white. The pods are also huge and can be eaten as a snap when very young. This bean is truly one of the most ornamental vegetables you can grow. The vigorous vines are covered in a mix of white and red flowers all summer long and also attracts hummingbirds. Simply breathtaking! (110 days for dried beans) Pole.

  • Package Qty: 15-20 seeds
  • Price: $3.95
heirloom runner bean plant with scarlet flowers

Scarlet Runner

Beautiful scarlet flowers and purple mottled seed. Very ornamental.

  • Package Qty: 15-20 seeds
  • Price: $3.00
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