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Specializing in rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower and herb seed.

Heirloom/Heritage Cabbage Seed

(Brassica oleracea var. capitata)

All of our seed is open pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated, natural heirloom seed.

a large head of cabbage

Chieftan Savoy

Introduced in 1938, this variety has flattened round heads that weigh 6-7 lbs each and has savoyed crinkly leaves.

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Copenhagen Market (1909)

First introduced by Hjalmar Hartmann & Co. of Copenhagen, Denmark in 1909. W. Atlee Burpee then introduced Copenhagen Market to the US in 1911. This heirloom cabbage has been a popular cabbage since its introduction all those years ago. It was a favorite of my grandmother’s and she always grew it each year. The solid round green heads weigh 4-5 lbs and are resistant to splitting. It is great raw, cooked or for making sauerkraut. This variety also stores well and is an early cabbage. (65 days from transplant)

  • Package Qty: 100 seeds
  • Price: $3.00
a conical shaped head of cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield (1840s)

A wonderful early cabbage that is a selection of the Wakefield Cabbage which originated in England. The small pointed cone shaped heads weigh 2-4 lb. and are perfect for small gardens. An interesting as well as tasty addition to the garden. (60-70 days)

  • Package Qty: 100 seeds
  • Price: $3.00
a head of cabbage with blue green leaves blushed with purple

January King (pre-1885)

A beautiful semi savoy cabbage originating in England with blue green leaves blushed with purple. The small heads weigh 3-5 pounds and store well. This is a late cabbage that doesn’t form heads till late summer or early fall. RARE.

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a head of heirloom cabbage

Premium Late Flat Dutch (pre-1840)

A late cabbage that has very large flat heads that store well. A family favorite for years. Excellent for sauerkraut.

  • Package Qty: 100 seeds
  • Price: $3.00

Mammoth Red Rock (1889)

Old fashioned favorite that has been popular for many years. My 1944 Steele & Briggs Seed Co. catalogue says that it is the "largest and best red cabbage." An excellent red cabbage with round solid heads. Great for cooking, salads and pickling. An excellent winter keeper. (98 days from transplant)

  • Package Qty: 100 seeds
  • Price: $3.00
aq head of heirloom cabbage


An extremely rare and historical cabbage that I have been trying to locate for years! I am finally able to offer this excellent variety to my customers. It appeared as early as 1864 in American seed catalogues and was documented as grown at the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. It apparently was developed from the Brunswick cabbage that was widely grown in the 1700’s. The heads of Winningstadt are pointed and very large and dense; this is one of the reasons it was used extensively for making sauerkraut. The flavor is outstanding and it is also excellent as a salad cabbage. EXTREMELY RARE. (80-90 days from transplant)

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